About 30 residents were evacuated from streets adjoining the former snooker hall as it burned to the ground in the early hours of Monday.

Police knocked on doors asking householders to leave their homes immediately after firefighters decided Wren Street was in particular danger.

A Red Cross crisis team, summoned by the fire service, provided refreshments to the evacuated householders, and Bradford Council offered the use of nearby Victoria Hall.

Nazmeen Ali, who lives in Wren Street, said: “We were evacuated last week, so this time we thought ‘here we go again’!

“My in-laws live across the road, so we went there. A lot of people along the street have families living near here.

“There was a lot of smoke this time and a really strong smell of diesel.”

Another Wren Street resident, who asked not to be named, said there had been at least five fires in recent years at the premises.

Ward councillor Abid Hussain described the latest fire as a “terrible thing”.

He added: “I feel for the residents who have been disturbed again.”

Coun Hussain said that after last week’s fire, he had called on all the homes where people had been evacuated – particularly elderly residents of Emily Street – to see if they needed any help.

He pledged to call on individual houses this week to repeat his offer of support.