A donation from West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has helped needy families in Keighley.

Mark Burns-Williamson has given £50,000 to the Salvation Army for distribution to its foodbanks across the region.

And the charity’s High Street centre has received a £1,300 share.

“More and more families are struggling to make ends meet, and the reliance on foodbanks has become a reality,” said Mr Burns-Williamson.

“This money will help those foodbanks in the areas of greatest need.”

The donation – proceeds from the sale of property connected with crime – has been welcomed by Salvation Army bosses.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Highton, divisional commander of the church’s Yorkshire division, said: “We’re deeply grateful for the incredibly generous £50,000 donation.

“At a time when the cost of food and utilities has increased, and where wages have risen more slowly than inflation, the Salvation Army is increasingly helping people with the very basics they need to get by.”

The Keighley News revealed last month that the Salvation Army and other charities in the town providing a lifeline to the needy had seen an unprecedented surge .

About 100 food parcels a week – twice the number of a year ago – are now being handed out at Salvation Army drop-in sessions.