A community fears that speeding motorists are putting lives at risk.

Residents in the Grafton Road area of Ingrow say there have already been several near-misses involving vehicles and pedestrians.

And they claim the situation has worsened since road humps were installed last year in nearby Broomhill Avenue, to reduce traffic speeds.

Householders say the volume of vehicles passing their doorsteps has soared as motorists seek to avoid the speed-busting measures.

“It is a rat run now along here – I would say traffic has increased by as much as two-thirds,” said resident Ian Neale.

“The situation is extremely dangerous and it’s getting worse.

“But it is not just the number of vehicles, you get drivers screaming up here.

“There have been close shaves. I’ve almost been hit by a car myself and there are a lot of children around here. They are being put at risk.

“Something should be done, whether it’s road humps or an alternative scheme.

“Do we have to wait until someone is killed before action is taken?”

Several online comments have also been posted voicing concerns about the situation.

‘Tony Sugz’ says he raised the issue many months ago.

“One day there is going to be an incident on this road,” he said.

‘Needtoescape’ added: “I agree. I also live in Grafton Road and it is an accident waiting to happen. Grafton Road is being used more as it’s the only ‘rat run’ without humps.”

Keighley West district councillor Keith Dredge said he would willingly ask council highways officers to examine the situation if there was public demand.

But he warned that road humps were a “mixed blessing”.

“The bumps do slow traffic but they also create noise for residents and can cause damage to the road surface,” said Coun Dredge.

“They will please half the people but not the rest.”

The Broomhill Avenue measures were introduced after complaints from residents there about speedsters using the road, which connects Ingrow and Oakworth Road.

The plans were for seven “plateaux”, each nine metres long by about seven metres wide.