Students at Holy Family Catholic School are making sure their celebrations for Easter will feature a colourful and artistic backdrop.

The Keighley school’s craft club is in the process of making a frieze depicting the events that took place during the last week of Jesus’s life, as recounted in the Gospels.

Clare Pullen, the teacher supervising the pupils’ creative work, said: “The design is based on one commonly used in local schools. This was originally designed by staff at the Interfaith Education Centre, in Bradford.

“This is a series of freeze-frames portraying the key events of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday, through to the Last Supper on the Thursday, then Good Friday and the resurrection.

“Having already completed a Christmas hanging using a method called applique, the craft group wanted to try a different technique. The students projected an image onto the fabric to transfer the outlines, and they are now filling in these outlines with fabric paint. They have the first two items for Palm Sunday and Holy Thursday almost complete, and they are well on schedule to have the frieze put on display for Easter.”