A parish council chairman said he was encouraged by a meeting to discuss ways of retaining postal services in Haworth.

Councillor John Huxley, chairman of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council, along with fellow member, Nikki Carroll, met with a representative from Post Office Ltd last week.

Post Office Ltd has confirmed the Main Street branch might need to relocate once its current sub-postmaster stands down.

Ward councillors have expressed fears the village could be left without a post office if an alternative premises cannot be found.

Haworth used to have two post offices, but the branch in Mill Hey closed in August 2011.

Commenting this week, Coun Huxley said: “The meeting was encouraging, though nothing definite came out of it and I wouldn’t want to raise people’s expectations.

“We were told what was possible and what isn’t possible, which means we’re able to start looking at what we can do to help.

“The post office is a key service, and what we’d ideally like is to get the Mill Hey post office back as well, if we can.”