A 55-year-old man who called health helpline NHS Direct seven times in one day but slammed the door on the doctors that came to help him has been jailed for three months.

Derek Joinson told a judge at Bradford Crown Court he was terminally ill but he refused to co-operate with any investigations about his condition, saying the hearing was a waste of time and money.

Talking directly from the dock to Judge Colin Burn, Joinson said he did not want to see a probation officer, a lawyer or anyone at all.

Joinson, of Spring Row, Keighley, was held in custody after pleading guilty to improper use of the public communications network on January 2.

Brought into court from the cells yesterday, he said: “I don’t want no representation. I’m guilty so I am not denying any of the charge. I have had six operations. I am terminally ill.”

Judge Burn told him: “We can’t send people to prison without further evidence about that.”

Joinson replied: “I just don’t get on with GPs. One tells me one thing and another tells me another. I just think they have got massive egos.”

The judge said Joinson needed to appoint a lawyer and to co-operate to compile a report on his health.

“I don’t have to do that at all. I think this is a total waste of everyone’s money,” Joinson replied.

Prosecutor Simon Haring said he did not think the defendant minded staying in prison. He was in breach of a magistrates court order for smashing a window opposite Keighley police station and ordering officers to arrest him, threatening to commit more damage if they did not.

Mr Haring said Joinson slammed the door in GPs’ faces after ringing NHS Direct seven times. “He was offered an ambulance and that met with abuse,” Mr Haring added. “The police were called and he said he wanted to go back to prison.”

Judge Burn told Joinson he would have served his sentence in about two weeks.