Keighley people wanting to film town and parish council meetings should soon benefit from a law explicitly allowing them to do so.

Keighley MP Kris Hopkins said he backed legislation that will allow the press and public to film from any local government meeting.

Last July, 11 parishioners were evicted by police officers from a Keighley Town Council meeting after refusing to stop filming proceedings.

The council has since voted to allow filming, but only if people conform to protocols governing how this is carried out.

The new legislation, which will enshrine the right to film in law, is called the Local Audit and Accountability Act. It is due to come into legal effect later this year.

Mr Hopkins said: “Any public body spending taxpayers’ money responsibly has nothing to fear, and should welcome more light being shone on its decision-making.

“But those councils and other institutions, which are being reckless or evasive, will be made more accountable than ever before.”

Ingrow resident Elizabeth Mitchell, among parishioners ejected from last July’s meeting, said: “We’re very happy this law has gone through – it’s great for transparency.”

The Keighley News contacted Keighley Town Council for comment, but received no response by the time of going to press.