More flooding and floating sewage prompted a dozen residents of Crack Lane in Wilsden to voice their frustrations at a meeting of the parish council on Monday night.

And repeat problems of waste water filling drives and gardens last weekend are now being investigated by Yorkshire Water and Bradford Council.

Parish councillor Tony Caunt said many of the residents were frustrated by the pace of action.

He added: “There was another severe flood of effluent on the Friday night and more problems during the weekend in Crack Lane.

“One gentleman reported up to three feet of water in his back garden.

“I understand Yorkshire Water is now investigating the possibility of blockages in drainage pipes, which should carry away water from the Harron Homes development above Crack Lane.”

The Bradford councillor for Bingley Rural, Michael Ellis, was also at the meeting and said he believed Yorkshire Water was checking to see if surface water had drained into the sewerage system.

He added: “Floodwater should never be allowed to enter the foul sewerage system and I understand that is something they are also looking into.”

Council planning manager Ian Horsfall said: “We are investigating the cause, along with Yorkshire Water, as a matter of urgency.”