Plans to restore Lothersdale War Memorial to its former glory are under consideration.

Lothersdale parish clerk, Esther Barrows, said the parish council was looking at carrying out improvement works to the war memorial, located near The Fold.

“We had a memorial service on Remembrance Sunday and there were 50 to 60 people there, which was the most we’ve ever had,” added Mrs Barrows.

With the whole of the country marking the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, the parish council feels it is the right time to make improvements to the village memorial.

“The war memorial needs a bit of TLC,” said Mrs Barrows. “The whole area is surrounded by a lot of laurel trees, which are not native to the area, and they make it wet and damp.

“There is a neglected rock garden around the base of the memorial, and a nearby stone wall is in bad shape.

“We’d like to open the area up and fill it full of flowers. We’d also like to consider restoring the stonework on the memorial itself.”

The village has £2,000 remaining in its Millennium Fund, which could go towards completing the work.

“That fund is waiting for a project to spend it on,” added Mrs Barrows. “Doing this work would restore the war memorial and bring it back to its former glory.”