Youngsters in Steeton have been receiving a vivid introduction to what ordinary people experienced during the Second World War.

Year five and six pupils at Steeton Primary School are taking part in a learning project, which also involves schools in six other European countries.

The programme for the term includes a trip to the Eden Camp modern history theme museum, near Malton.

As well as finding out about Britain’s role in the war, the children have been sharing information with their young counterparts elsewhere in Europe.

A Steeton Primary spokesman said: “They’ve heard about a retired Slovenian teacher who was sent to a labour camp in the war, learned about a Polish man who was part of the resistance, and saw a film of the bombing of Rome.

“One pupil, Hailey Spencer, brought in some photos of her great grandfather, James Brian Holdsworth, who worked in Reykjavik from July 1940 to September 1942.”