A persistent housebreaker who scaled a ladder to burgle the home of the Good Samaritan who had given him shelter has been jailed for 876 days.
Stephen Bennett was sleeping rough and back on drugs when he targeted the property in Malsis Road, Keighley, also stealing a bottle of milk from a neighbouring doorstep afterwards.
Bennett, 41, a ‘fourth strike’ house burglar, appeared in custody at Bradford Crown Court on Tuesday.
His solicitor, Ash Mahmood, said his client had kept out of trouble for seven years. He was the father of two children and became homeless after the breakdown of his relationship.
Bennett pleaded guilty to burglary and theft of the bottle of milk on November 26.
Judge John Potter said the householder left his property secure that morning, and returned to find a ladder propped against the back of the house.
Bennett had climbed through an upstairs window and searched the rooms, breaking a vase and making off with £20 cash in a jar. He stole the milk “for sustenance”.