Flooding problems are causing misery for a Keighley councillor and his family.

Khalid Choudhry says the kitchen of their home is swamped by up to several inches of water every time it rains.

He has called out Yorkshire Water (YW) several times in a bid to solve the problem at the family’s Mannville Road terrace home, but to no avail.

Father-of-three Mr Choudhry, 46, a software engineer and member of Keighley Town Council, has attacked the water company about the situation.

But YW told the Keighley News it had been out six times and, after extensive tests, identified the problem, which it transpired was not its responsibility to resolve.

Mr Choudhry – who lives at the property with his wife Shazia, sons Awais, 16, and Qais, 14, and eight-year-old daughter Husna – said the flooding nightmare had been going on for more than a fortnight.

“Each time we get rain, water is coming in – the kitchen unit bases are now swollen as a result and carpets and furniture are ruined,” he said.

“My wife has asthma and her health will deteriorate further if the kitchen gets damp.

“I have had to pump water out every time this happens. This whole thing is making our lives a misery.

“We’ve lived in the property for more than 11 years and never had problems like this before.”

He added: “Yorkshire Water is doing nothing to fix the issue.”

But the firm refuted the allegation.

A spokesman said: “We have been out six times since February 12, and have carried out a number of different investigations, including using CCTV and dye testing.

“The dye test conclusively showed the water is coming from a broken pipe at a neighbouring property, and repairs for that are not the responsibility of Yorkshire Water.

“We appreciate the difficulties the flooding have caused for Mr Choudhry and his family and sympathise, and have advised him of the situation.”