CCTV could be installed to safeguard Utley Cemetery.

Bradford Council leader, Coun-cillor David Green, discussed the idea with campaigners when he visited the graveyard along with several council officers in the wake of a spate of vandalism inflicted by stone thieves.

He spoke to a group of campaigners – including Keighley man Charlie Bhowmick – about how the historic site can be looked after more effectively. Last week’s meeting was arranged by Keighley Central ward councillor, Abid Hussain.

Vandalism was reported in the Keighley News earlier this month. Thieves damaged monuments in an attempt to steal stone, but might have been disturbed as they abandoned their haul before they could make off with it.

Commenting after the meeting with the council leader, Mr Bhow-mick said: “We’d been concerned and upset about vandalism and neglect in that cemetery, and Councillor Green was interested in what we had to say.

“We were told there is a possibility of CCTV being installed to prevent further vandalism.

“It was a good result and a very useful meeting, though we were warned the council budget to deal with this issue is very limited.

“It was great to be able to talk to people about the problems, and I’d like to thank everyone who attended the meeting.”

Mr Bhowmick said he and his fellow action group members also discussed the need for better signage to clarify when the cemetery is accessible to visitors, claiming the lettering on an existing sign is too small.

Coun Hussain offered his thanks to the council leader and officers. “Everyone was pleased someone had come down to listen to them,” he added.

“Myself and other councillors will do our best to improve the service for people who have loved ones buried in this cemetery. We take their concerns very seriously.”