Town residents enjoyed a coffee morning in a Keighley community centre designed to help bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The event was staged by Keighley Muslim Association in the centre attached to the Emily Street Mosque.

Organiser, Mohammed Saleem, community relations and education officer at the association, said he was very pleased with how Saturday’s event went.

“It gave me the opportunity to speak to individuals living in the area and to hear their views,” he said.

“We talked about how the mosque and local community can work together on issues such as cleaning up the area, providing better education and building good relationships between neighbours.

“Muslims should wish for their neighbours what they wish for themselves.

“Our religion encourages Muslims to treat their neighbours in a gentle way that reflects the true and genuine spirit of Islam.”

He added he intends to arrange similar informal gatherings for the last Saturday of each month at 11am in the same venue. E-mail mohammed_saleem _123@yahoo to confirm attendance.