A Cullingworth resident plans to stage an event in Haworth featuring food, drink, arts and crafts to showcase the district’s creativity.

Andrew Vaux said the provisional name for the occasion, which will include locally-made produce, is ‘Made in Bronteland’.

Outlining his proposals to a meeting of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council, he said: “I want to work with as many different groups in the village as possible.

“I want to widen this beyond the original idea of just food and drink to having arts and crafts as well.

“People would be able to come along and see different exhibits and take part in workshops and demonstrations. I’m looking at the potential of holding this in Haworth Park, with some smaller demonstrations in Main Street.”

He said he would like the one-day event to take place in September next year. Mr Vaux added he will be drafting a simple questionnaire for local traders to gauge their views and ideas.

“Hopefully, this will bring tourists into the village and generate more business,” he added.

Commenting after the meeting, he said: “It’s very early days still, but it’s great to have support from councillors and council officers. The next stage will be to identify potential exhibitors.”