Keighley’s MP says the quality of private rented homes in the UK is improving.

However, Housing Minister Kris Hopkins, speaking in the House of Commons, acknowledged challenges remain in the private rented sector, which the government must address.

“Overall, the quality of private rented sector accommodation is improving and satisfaction levels are high,” he said.

But he added: “A lack of supply has led to a problem of affordability and a limited choice. The lack of professional landlords and the need to improve management practices in some parts of the sector are important.

“There is a need to change the balance. At the moment, some 78 per cent of landlords are individuals who own one place, which they rent. We need to change that balance in favour of larger-scale providers.”

Mr Hopkins underlined tackling rogue landlords was “an extremely important part” of the government’s work.

“We want to drive forward more larger-scale, professionally-managed, high-quality and well-designed accommodation,” he said.