Complaints have led to the removal of “ugly” steel fencing from a wood on the border of Glusburn and Sutton.

Earlier this month, the Woodland Trust began installing steel fencing along a footpath in Lyndhurst Wood, known locally as Glusburn Wood.

But resident Tim Armsby, of Institute Street, Glusburn, said: “This dreadful fence was a hideous eyesore that would have destroyed the landscape.”

He wrote to the trust, saying the project was “highly inappropriate, ill considered and a waste of money and resources”.

Now the Woodland Trust has agreed to remove the fencing, but is urging people to stick to the pathways.

Alistair Nash, site manager, said: “Lyndhurst Wood is a very small site – just over 2.5 acres in size – which is used frequently by local visitors.

“Very heavy use of the paths and people cutting across to take shortcuts between paths and effectively widening paths and creating new ones, means that the wood’s’ wild flowers and ground flora are being trampled and damaged.

“Fencing off blocks of the woodland to protect the ancient woodland species and to guide public access appeared the only sustainable way of ensuring the protection of the woodland.

“However, the fencing has now been removed as it was negatively received in some quarters.

“We do ask that people stick to proper pathways in order to protect the woodland and its wild flora, keeping it beautiful and healthy for other people and wildlife to enjoy in the future.

“We’re looking to work closely with community and parish councils locally to manage the woodland’s future – I hope there will be a significant number of people who will work with us to ensure Lyndhurst Wood can remain a robust woodland and popular location to visit and enjoy.”