Bradford Council workers have cleaned off the graffiti that was daubed on Keighley Shared Church.

The vandalism, which referred to the notorious Keighley ‘Topend’ gang, was scrawled on the door facing towards the graveyard.

Priest-in-charge at the church, the Rev Peter Mott, said council workers cleaned up the door on Monday.

“The church cleaner tried to get rid of it with soap and water, but it needed something stronger,” he added. “The council have done a good job, so thanks to them.”

He said after the damage was reported, a Muslim organisation got in touch with an offer to pay for the cleaning work.

Mr Mott also received many supportive comments from members of the public, who were angry about the damage inflicted on the historic building.

He said: “This did actually used to be the main door to the church, because the west door wasn’t knocked through until 1900.

“Damage such as this is a conservation issue because it is an old oak door, and it doesn’t do the wood much good to have things daubed on it.”