Councillors have approved a £150,000 package of road improvements for Haworth, Parkwood, Woodhouse and central Keighley.

The town’s Area Committee last week agreed to spend the cash on major resurfacing work as part of a £2.8 million fund for highway maintenance.

The committee approved resurfacing in Scott Street, Keighley, from Russell Street to Spencer Street; the full length of Parkwood Street; Hainworth Wood Road near the Hainworth Lane junction and the full length of Brow Road in Haworth.

Members also approved surface dressing – a less expensive form of resurfacing – for 40 roads across Keighley. These included the approach to the car park at Weavers Hill, Haworth; Halifax Road at Wesley Place; Skipton Road near East Avenue and Greenhead Road in Keighley and Keighley Road near the river bridge in Silsden.