Parents are campaigning for a new play area on a Keighley estate.

They say very young and older children living at Braithwaite currently have no provision.

Residents fighting for improved facilities have won the backing of the town’s would-be MP and a ward councillor, who have pledged to help find a site and funding.

Among those battling for better provision is Tamla Templeton, who has two sons – Kayden Richardson, four, and 16-year-old Wassem Bashir.

“At the moment, we just have a small park with some bits of equipment, which are not suitable for a lot of children,” said Miss Templeton, 34, of West Bank Close.

“This is a big estate, and if you look at other places in Keighley, they have skate parks and excellent facilities like that.”

Miss Templeton added: “When I was younger there was plenty to do, but now the kids have nothing and because of that there is a risk of them getting into trouble.

“We need a decent park and things for young people of all ages to do. A skate park would be brilliant. A lot of parents feel the same way about this and want something to be done.”

John Grogan, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Keighley, has met with parents to discuss the issue.

He said: “The school holidays should be a time for all kids to have the chance to play out safely.

“On the upper part of the Braithwaite estate, there is just no-where to go.

“Parents have complained to me they have to go as far as Cliffe Castle to find somewhere decent for their kids to enjoy.

“They are organising a petition to demonstrate support and I have promised to try to raise funding.”

Keighley West councillor Keith Dredge has also pledged his support.

“Last week, I went around the Braithwaite area and drew-up a shortlist of possible sites for the playground,” he said.

“The next stage is for me to hold discussions with council officers and then consult local residents on exactly where would be best.”