One of Steeton’s most majestic trees has had to be felled after catching a terminal disease.

But councillors have promised to replace the century-old copper beech in the village’s Memorial Wood.

Parish council chairman, Coun David Mullen, said a new tree will be planted in honour of the lost specimen.

He added: “The copper beech is perhaps the finest tree in Steeton or even the upper Aire valley.

“It has graced the village for perhaps more than 100 years, but is suffering from an infection of Meripilus giganteus – a parasitic fungus that consumes roots often before it is seen above ground.”

Coun Mullen said the disease was spotted during a routine professional arboricultural survey of the trees in Steeton and Eastburn.

Bob Thorp, Bradford Council’s tree officer, said the tree had to be felled because it was particularly large, and its position at the side of Skipton Road was close to public routes and buildings.

Mr Thorp added: “During last winter’s gales, we lost a large woodland beech with Meripilus that showed no outward signs of stress until it went over and exposed the decayed sub-soil and structural roots.”

Coun Mullen said the parish had a remarkable record of planting trees, including five at the community hub, three hornbeams near the railway station, and more than 100 during the refurbishment of Eastburn Playing Fields.