EU voters across Keighley district and South Craven will help choose the new European Parliament on May 22.

Yorkshire and Humber will elect six new members in the poll, being held on the same day as district council elections.

Candidates are: An Independence From Europe – Christopher Booth, Kerrie Oxenham, Malcolm Snelling, John Martin, Paul Sootheran and Howard Blake.

British National Party – Marlene Guest, Adam Walker, Daniel Cook, Joanne Brown, Steven Harrison and Stuart Henshaw.

Conservative – Timothy Kirkhope, Alex Story, John Procter, Carolyn Abbott, Michael Naughton and Ryan Stephenson.

English Democrats – Chris Beverley, David Wildgoose, Ian Sutton, Colin Porter, Tom Redmond and David Allen.

Green Party – Andrew Cooper, Shan Oakes, Vicky Dunn, Denise Craghill, Martin Hemingway and Kevin Warnes.

Labour – Linda McAvan, Richard Corbett, Eleanor Tunnicliffe, Asghar Khan, Helen Mirfin-Boukouris and Darren Hughes.

Liberal Democrats – Edward McMillan-Scott, James Monaghan, Joe Otten, Chris Foote-Wood, Jacqueline Bell and Aqila Choudhry.

NO2EU – Trevor Howard, Mary Jackson, Carrie Hedderwick, Adrian O’Malley, Steven Andrew and Iain Dalton.

UKIP – Jane Collins, Amjad Bashir, Mike Hookem, Gary Shores, Jason Smith and Anne Murgatroyd.

Yorkshire First – Stewart Arnold, Richard Carter and Richard Honnoraty.