Keighley residents witnessing drug-related crime have been urged to make use of the number enabling people to report offences anonymously.

Mark Burns-Williamson, police and crime commissioner for West Yorkshire, was commenting following the release of his refreshed countywide Police and Crime Plan 2013-2018.

Responding to a story in last week’s Keighley News, where a grandmother alleged youngsters as young as 14 were openly dealing drugs in the town, Mr Burns-Williamson said: “Sometimes people are reluctant to report things and that was said to me in Keighley earlier this year.

“But we do promote the Crimestoppers number [0800 555111], where people can report things anonymously.

“I would expect Keighley’s Neighbourhood Policing Teams are working very closely with the community to provide visibility and are tackling those involved in this type of crime.” Also reacting to last week’s news, dozens of children across Keighley and Bradford district remain at risk of being groomed for sex, he said: “We need to understand there is under-reporting – we don’t have a full understanding of the extent of grooming and child sexual exploitation.

“But West Yorkshire Police have been at the forefront of raising awareness of this type of crime and there is no complacency about the importance of bringing to justice those who engage in this.

“I’m fully aware of the impact this crime can have. It’s something that affects all communities, not just Keighley.”

Highlighting amendments made to the policing strategy, Mr Burns-Williamson said: “During the past 12 months I’ve been out and about visiting Keighley and lots of other locations talking to the public.

“Cyber crime and road safety are two issues that have repeatedly come to the fore. Cyber crime is one of the fastest-growing types of offence.

“With partners including the police, I’ll be undertaking a review to look at the impact of cyber crime in West Yorkshire.

“Neighbourhood Policing, tackling burglary and supporting victims of crime remain central to our plan. And I’ve worked hard to protect neighbourhood policing numbers in Keighley.”