An elderly Keighley couple, who cannot walk long distances without support, say the poor state of pathways outside Cliffe Castle Museum means they can no longer enjoy the attraction.

Harry Beevers, 85, said he and his wife, Catherine, also 85, do not feel safe using their mobility scooters on the rutted paths of the museum’s grounds.

He said he has fallen twice in Cliffe Castle Park, once when his scooter tipped over and on another occasion while using a walking frame.

Mr Beevers, a retired joiner who lives in Cliffe Court, said he was not badly hurt. But the falls have discouraged him and his wife from making use of the park, even though they live next door to it.

He argues a portion of the millions of pounds available to redevelop the grounds should be prioritised for repairing uneven pathways.

“They have all this money, but so far they don’t seem to have done anything with it, except at the kids’ playground,” he added.

“The state of those paths is shocking, and I think they should be a priority.

“One particular path going up to the cafe is very hard to go up with a mobility scooter because there’s a big, deep rut right across it.”

Mr Beevers said: “The park itself is lovely. My wife and I really like going there and sitting near the cafe. But we haven’t been there for quite a few weeks, just because of the condition of the paths.

“I don’t think they’re spending the money on the right things first.”

Steve Hartley, interim strategic director for environment and sport at Bradford Council, said: “We sympathise with anyone who has difficulty enjoying the grounds of Cliffe Castle because of problems with the footpaths.

“Work to renovate the paths will be undertaken as part of the £4.5 million redevelopment of the whole grounds, which is expected to be completed in summer next year.”