Knowle Park residents hit out at irresponsible dog owners

11:14am Thursday 5th June 2014

PEOPLE living near Lund Park say some dog owners are letting their animals run wild.

Parents and other residents say an irresponsible minority are endangering youngsters who go to this park to play.

Restaurant owner and Knowle Park resident Mastab Ali said his nine-year-old son, Adil, was attacked by a dog and injured while riding his bike in the park one evening last month. (May)

"He was chased by a dog and fell off his bike," he said. "He sprained his ankle and the dog bit his arm.

"Another boy nearby came to help him and was chased by the same dog, but he managed to run away."

Mr Ali, 39, said his son, a pupil at Holycroft Primary School, was treated at Airedale Hospital that same day, but is now afraid to go to the park by himself.

He added that Adil had seen no sign of the dog's owner, and thought that the animal might have been an Alsatian.

"He's been limping for the last week, but he is recovering, he's about 90 per cent better," he said. "I took him to the park yesterday, but I had to promise I'd be there. He wouldn't go on his own.

"We've been talking to neighbours who say quite a few children have been chased by dogs in the park at different times.

"Some dog owners need to be a bit more responsible, especially when there's young children around."

A spokesman for Keighley Police confirmed officers had been notified of the dog attacking Adil, and urged any witnesses to contact them on the non-emergency police 101 number.

Community campaigner Fulzar Ahmed, 33, who has been approached by people living in Knowle Park, said some dog owners in this area needed to more aware of the potential risks posed by their pets.

He said persistent problems with dog fouling were also an issue.

"I have heard from people who are concerned about their children not being able to play out in the park," he said. "It's a public space, and it should be a safe place for children to go to.

"There is a sign up saying people should clean up after their dogs and leaflets have been given out, but it doesn't seem to be making a difference.

"I've been hearing about the same problems since last year.

"It's important that local people report these things to the authorities, no matter how minor it may seem."


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