Prolific writer John Waddington-Feather has brought back into the limelight a popular 1937 monologue.

Former Keighley man John, a popular e-book author, was sent the monologue by a fellow member of the Yorkshire Dialect Society.

Mr Waddington-Feather said the piece of work circulated in Yorkshire in 1937, the year King Edward VIII abdicated.

He said: “The monologue is in the style written by Marriot Edgar, the half-brother of crime writer Edgar Wallace.

“In 1937 it wouldn’t have been politically correct to recite in public The End of King Ted so it circulated covertly in Yorkshire and the North.

"Its authorship is unknown."

Mr Waddington-Feather said that coincidently the monologue accorded with a player he wrote about the abdication.

Mr Waddington-Feather’s play, Edward The Uncrowned King, is now published for the Kindle e-reader.

Like several of Mr Waddington-Feather’s novels, the play can be bought from the Amazon website.