A FAMILIAR face from the nation's television screens has been in Haworth and Stanbury to film his latest documentary history series.

Sir Tony Robinson, accompanied by his wife Louise and a film crew, came to Ponden Hall to shoot footage for the third series of Channel Four's Walking Through History.

Ponden Hall owner, Julie Akhurst, said: "It was great. It was very nice to meet him and his wife - they also had their dog with them!

"They were easy to get on with and it was a really nice experience. They were very impressed by the building.

"We'd only found out a week beforehand that they wanted to come. We're looking forward to seeing the finished result. Hopefully it'll be good publicity for us, as we've just opened as a bed and breakfast."

Ponden Hall is said to have been the model for Thrushcross Grange which featured in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. In the book Catherine Earnshaw, the doomed sweet-hear t of Emily's hero Heathcliff, married Edgar Linton who lived at the Grange.

Ms Akhurst said she understood the latest Walking Through History would comprise six episodes, with three being shown before Christmas and three afterwards, though she does not know the exact dates.

During his visit to the area earlier this month, Sir Tony and his team also filmed around the Bronte Parsonage Museum and in the Haworth Parish Church graveyard.