URGENT demands are being made for safety warning signs to be placed at a Keighley beauty spot where a young boy was critically injured.

And a shocked Keighley town councillor says the area around Tinker Bridge, North Beck, should also be fenced off.

Coun John Kirby said he was prepared to face public criticism over the move, but added: "I'd rather have people shout at me than have another person fall and get hurt."

An eight-year-old boy remains in a critical condition after being pulled from the water at Tinker Bridge, off North Dean Road, at 11.30am on Sunday. (July 27)

It is believed the child struck his head when he fell into the water, then remained unconscious beneath the surface for about five minutes.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "A crew from Keighley Fire Station was first on the scene, where three to four adult members of the public had already entered the water and were attempting to rescue the eight-year-old.

"Firefighters entered the water forming a human chain and began a search along with police officers and members of the public.

"The youngster was located by fire service personnel and carried to the bank, where a second crew from Bingley delivered basic life support alongside ambulance paramedics. The youngster was then flown to hospital by air ambulance."

Ian and Marion McClelland, who live nearby, said a girl aged around nine had run up to their home to raise the alarm.

Mr McClelland said: "This little lass came shouting up here, and said, 'somebody's drowning down at Tinker'.

"My friend and his daughter shot down there in their Land Rover, and my friend jumped in.

"Another young lad went down and jumped in, and I went and jumped in."

Coun Kirby, of Laycock & Braithwaite ward, visited Tinker Bridge on Tuesday. (July 29).

"At the moment there are no signs there to warn people of the danger," he said.

"We're urging people to keep out of the water, because we don't want another tragedy.

"I'd love to have this land fenced off. It has been fenced in the past, but this has been pulled down over the years."

Keighley West ward councillor Brian Morris said he believed educating children to be aware of the risks posed by water would be more effective than putting up signs.

"Children should be taught that it can be dangerous, and if something does go wrong, it isn't a game. It can be very serious indeed," he said.

"Parents need to educate their children. Hopefully this will be a warning to others."

Margaret Sunderland, 73, of Intake Farm, near Tinker Bridge, said: "They need to put some boulders up to stop the children going down there. A fence isn't enough, because it'll just get torn down again."

John Garbutt, 66, of Wood Mill Farm, which is further up North Beck, said: "Of course you can't stop kids playing, but they need adult supervision."

In the incident's aftermath, police asked people not to play in streams, rivers, lakes and canals.

Inspector Sue Sanderson, of Keighley Area Neighbourhood Team, said: "There are no lifeguards in case someone gets into difficulty and there can be hidden currents.

"The temperature of open water is often very cold. People suddenly entering cold water are susceptible to hyperventilation, which could result in the body going into seizure and possible drowning."