A HAWORTH-based Viking re-enactment group is on the hunt for new recruits.

Ulfhednar, which was first set up in 2012, currently has eight members but has plenty of room for more.

The name Ulfhednar is the Norse word for 'Beserkers' – fearsome Viking warriors who became so intoxicated they fought with incredible ferocity.

However, their latter day Haworth counterparts are a more welcoming bunch than their name suggests, and are keen to expand their activities and membership.

Lodge Street resident and group founder Ashna Yates said: "We train on Sundays from noon till 2pm in a field opposite the Sun Pub, in Wicken Lane, Thornton.

"We started up in 2012 to re-enact Vikings from the 9th to 12th century, using authentic dress. We go into schools to do talks and displays we also attend events during the year "At present we have only eight members, but we are open to more people joining us.

"Anyone interested in coming along and getting involved in warriorship or crafts can contact us via our website at ulfhednarvikings.webs.com or e-mail us at ulfhednarvike@gmail.com "They should contact us in advance, because we don't always train in Thornton. We also go away to other places to put on shows."

People can call Mrs Yates on 077207 51752 or 01535 431070 for further details.