A KEIGHLEY business owner says she and her neighbours continue to be blighted by rubbish being left near their properties.

Janet Croden, who runs wartime-themed cafe For Teas, in North Street, said all kinds of unwanted household items continue to be scattered on the pavement outside.

Her plight was featured in the Keighley News on July 31, but Mrs Croden said further lots of rubbish had been repeatedly left in the same location since then.

"I do understand that they're allowed to put rubbish out here to be collected on Wednesdays, but this is stuff that is meant to be tied up in bin bags, not strewn all over the pavement," she said.

"I've spoken to so many people about it, but it doesn't seem to be getting sorted out quickly enough."

A Bradford Council spokesman responded: "We're still trying to resolve this situation which has no easy solution. The tenants of the flats have lost their internal storage space for their rubbish, and they also have no rear exit for their homes, so it is quite difficult for them to know where to put their waste.

"As a temporary solution, we've asked the tenants to put out their rubbish on a Wednesday and it is then collected by our cleansing teams.

"Occupiers have been sent warning letters to reinforce the temporary arrangements in place, and we will follow this up with formal action should the arrangements be ignored.

"We are still working hard to come up with a long-term solution and ask all those involved to be patient."