OXENHOPE Bowling Club's future in the face of Bradford Council spending cuts came up for discussion at a parish council meeting.

Members of Oxenhope Parish Council said it would be a shame if the bowling club has to cease operating.

Councillor Robert Goulding noted that while bowling club members have not approached the parish council for financial support, he thought the club would need some help and guidance, including advice on where it might look for alternative funding.

Bradford Council has previously decided the cost of maintaining all public bowling greens, across Keighley and Bradford districts, will need to halve by 2020, requiring £100,000 to be either saved or raised as additional income.

Clubs have been asked to consider taking over their premises from Bradford on a community asset transfer basis, or taking on responsibility for summer grass cutting.

Referring to Oxenhope's bowling club, parish councillor Derrick Hopkinson said: "The club is trying to encourage younger people to take up bowling.

"They recognise that if they can't attract enough support they'll have to shut in future, but they are keen to give it a go.

"The club members do accept that they will have to look after their premises themselves."

Cllr Joyce Harrop asked whether the bowling club could liaise with Oxenhope Primary School to interest some of its older children in the sport.

Parish council chairman, Cllr Ken Eastwood, said it would be very unfortunate if the club were to close.

But he added it was not unreasonable to suggest club members could pay an increased annual membership fee of £75 instead of the current £35 in order to keep the club running. He said he did not think £75 a year was an excessive sum.