DEVONSHIRE Park provided the raw material for Keighley people to make wreaths for Christmas.

They used foraged materials during a workshop organised by the Friends of Devonshire Park last Saturday in the Cliffe Castle Museum conservatory.

Friends spokesman Kate Toch said: “Devonshire Park provides us with willow, larch, bramble and dogwood for weaving the base structure, and holly, ivy, firs and mahonia for decoration.

“All 15 participants went home with their beautiful creations, all completed within two and a half hours.

“Our tutor, Pippa Chapman from Those Plant People in Steeton, provided guidance on foraging, weaving and decorating and provided some of the basics like florists' wire to secure the decorations.

“Cliffe Castle Conservatory was the perfect venue and an observer noted the changing atmosphere during the event, from excitement, creative buzz, quiet concentration and shared joy.”

The next foraging session will be devoted to basket weaving, and will be held on February 3 and Four with Todmorden-based Creative With Nature.

Guided Tree Walks will be held on Thursdays January 18 and 25 and February 15 and 22, from 1pm to 2pm. All are welcome.