Fresh blood is needed on Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council to help reinvigorate some of its projects, according to the council’s chairman.

Councillor John Huxley said the council had notched up several important achievements during the last year but had reached a “hiatus”.

He said the council would have a heavy workload over the coming year and needed people to come forward and help with the tasks.

During his annual report delivered at the annual Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury parish meeting, Coun Huxley said there was one vacancy for a parish councillor in Cross Roads.

He paid tribute to former parish council clerk Glyn Broomhead, who stepped down from the post after ten years.

Turning to law and order issues he said: “Our relationship with the police is probably at an all-time high.

“That shows both in the crime figures and the work we’ve been able to do with some of the young people in the area.”

Sergeant Chris Watson, of the Worth Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said when the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police visited Haworth in January he had pledged his support for neighbourhood policing. However, he reminded councillors West Yorkshire Police had lost 1,400 members of staff since 2010 due to national cuts and was set to lose even more over the next two years.

Coun Mark Pullen said that in his first 12 months as a parish councillor he spent most of his time dealing with complaints about anti-social behaviour.

But he said since then the situation had improved and the reaction from the police had been fantastic.

The parish council also agreed to support a scheme designed to identify and help people most in need of fire safety measures in their homes.