A light shower during the procession did not dampen spirits at Harden Children’s Gala on Saturday.

Apart from the rain, those who attended enjoyed warm weather and most stayed until the 5pm finish, said organisers.

Harden Children’s Gala Society committee member, Peter Bashforth, said the event was “excellent”.

He said the stalls and games operated continuously, providing plenty of fun for participants.

He added: “The committee would like to send a special thank you to those people who helped to set up, operate and/or dismantle the gala.

“With their help it went as smoothly as it has ever done. We remain particularly grateful to the people who came along to support us and for their kind words of appreciation, which mean a lot to the committee.”

The event was opened by gala queen Lucy Topham.

The New Orleans Jazz Band provided musical entertainment and there were performances by members of Dylan’s Dance School.

Organisers said the ice-cream stall and tea tent did a roaring trade and paid tribute to the caterers responsible.

The children’s races also proved popular, with fierce competition for the Caterpillar Cup. This year it was won by the girls’ team.

Results Flat races, U5 boys: 1 Ben Davey, 2 Morgan Cochrane, 3 William Moffatt. U5 girls: 1 Annabel Petyt, 2 Poppy Patch, 3 Ruby Charlesworth. Five year Boys: 1 Isaac Holden, 2 Joe Wildman, 3 Joe Wesley. Five year girls: 1 Hannah Priestley, 2 Georgia Potter, 3 Tia Thompson. Six year boys: 1 Liam Disney, 2 Callum Monroe, 3 Tom Harrison. Six year girls: 1 Millie Late, 2 Olivia Jones, 3 Peggy Sinclair. Seven year boys: 1 Josh Hutton, 2 Josh Holdsworth, 3 Andrew Mettrick. Seven year girls: 1 Summer Carroll, 2 Eleanor Mettrick, 3 Erin Wiggan. Eight year boys: 1 Seb Betts, 2 Noah Hammond, 3 Kyle Smith. Eight year girls: 1 Sarah Akers, 2 Mary Barrow, 3 Kira Laurence.

Potato and spoon, boys: 1 Scott Worrall, 2 Callum Monroe, 3 Harry Peake. Girls: 1 Summer Carroll, 2 Eleanor Mettrick, 3 Maya Dickerson.

Sack, U9 boys: 1 Callum Monroe, 2 Andrew Mettrick, 3 Scott Worrall. U9 girls: 1 Millie Late, 2 Sarah Akers, 3 Eleanor Mettrick. Boys 9-12: 1 Andrew Petyt, 2 Niall Bonham, 3 William Travis. Girls 9-12: 1 Cara Dickerson, 2 Chloe Jolliffe, 3 Ella McShere.

Wheelbarrow, boys: 1 Matt Thompson and Niall Bonham, 2 James Callender and Andrew Petyt, 3 Jack Mettrick and Fraser Craven. Girls: 1 Chloe Jolliffe and Ella Maconaghy, 2 Lilly Ashington and Cara Dickerson, 3 Olivia Bateman and Ella McShere.

Three-legged, boys: 1 Andrew Petyt and James Callender, 2 Oliver Arundale and William Arundale, 3 Matt Thompson and Niall Bonham. Girls: 1 Summer Carroll and Maya Dickerson, 2 Lucy Humble and Emily Humble, 3 Emily Hodgson and Thea Willson.

Caterpillar, winning girls team: 1 Morgan Smith, 2 Georgina Umpleby, 3 Ellice Campbell, 4 Martha Willson. Winning boys team: 1 Matthew Wilson, 2 Luke Towler, 3 Max Nunwick, 4 Connor Blagborough.

Caterpillar Cup winners (between the boys and girls winning teams): Girls.

Floats: 1 Harden Primary School (Hollywood), 2 Harden Players (The Ark), 3 Harden Congregational Church (Harden’s Got Talent).

Walking Tableau: 1 Harden Pre-School, 2 Dylan’s Academy of Dance.

Fancy Dress, boys: 1 Ethan Lawrie, 2 Fraser Macdonald, 3 William Moffatt.

Girls: 1 Isabel Robinson, 2 Eleanor Hammond.

Decorated Pram: 1 Nicholas Moffatt.

Lucky programme draw: 1 1474, 2 0095, 3 0563. Unclaimed raffle prizes (numbers): 58, 133, 154, 156, 254.