Cullingworth and Foulridge – winners of the past two Wynn Cups – have been drawn together in the first round of this year’s competition.

Holders Cullingworth will be at home on Sunday, May 12 against the shock victors from 2011. The top clash of the round, however, is a Keighley derby between 2012 league runners-up Crossflatts and 2011 and 2012 Wynn Cup runners-up Oakworth, who were fourth in the top flight last season.

Other derbies include Ingrow St John’s and Riddlesden, Airedale and Sutton, Cononley and Bradley and Glusburn and Ingrow.

Wynn Cup - First round (matches to be played on Sunday, May 12): Haworth West End v Haworth Road, Denholme bye, Airedale v Sutton, Barrowford bye, Glusburn v Ingrow, Haworth v Sandy Lane, Cullingworth v Foulridge, Cononley v Bradley, Chatburn bye, Pendle Forest v Long Lee, Crossflatts v Oakworth, Bingley Congs bye, Gargrave v Wilsden, Ingrow St John’s v Riddlesden, Eldwick & Gilstead v Embsay, Cowling v Thornton.

Leading clash in the opening round of the Cowling Cup is, ironically, the reverse of the top clash in the Wynn Cup, with Oakworth, who finished an impressive third in Division Two last year, hosting 2012 semi-finalists Crossflatts on Sunday, May 19.

Haworth meet Ingrow and Long Lee face Bradley in all-Division Four derbies, while Sandy Lane and Denholme square up in a Division Five battle for supremacy.

Wilsden - joint holders after tieing with Embsay – will be at home to Skipton CI’s first team.

Cowling Cup – First round (matches to be played on Sunday, May 19): Oakworth II v Crossflatts II, Cullingworth II v Eldwick & Gilstead II, Cononley II v Foulridge II, Embsay II v Pendle Forest II, Sutton II bye, Thornton II v Airedale II, Wilsden II v Skipton CI, Haworth II v Ingrow II, Bingley Congs Ii v Glusburn II, Gargrave II v Barrowford II, Skipton CI II v Riddlesden II, Long Lee II v Bradley II, Sandy Lane II v Denholme II, Haworth Road II v Cowling II, Haworth West End II v Ingrow St John’s II, Chatburn II v Bradford & Bingley III.