Although the bowling season is still some time off, the Worth Valley and Skipton associations have held pre-season meetings to update clubs and players about the forthcoming campaign.

The Worth Valley annual meeting was at Keighley BC and saw no changes in the league set-up or any change in officials.

Valley have re-entered the Veterans’ Over-60s League at East End Park, Leeds, run by the Federation of Crown Green Bowls, which begins on May 23.

The league’s district team remain in Division Six of the Federation competition, despite winning that section last year.

This is due to an influx of teams higher up the scale.

This year the locals meet the UK Police, South Lancashire and Leeds B.

The Worth Valley League welcomed new side Halifax and an extra team from Cullingworth to their ranks.

Alterations to fixtures due to the Tour de France and the British Merit on July 26 are being considered.

Warren Burnett continues as president of the Skipton League for an unprecedented third term but will be replaced by Alistair Keighley, of Cononley, for 2015.

There has been some re-organisation of the Skipton leagues through the demise of certain teams, while a new handicap system is to run in conjunction with the merit set-up.

The Skipton Inter-District team have been drawn against Wakefield and hosts Aire-Wharfe in the Yorkshire County Crown Green Bowling Association event on August 17 and play at Grove Hill.

Former Yorkshire president Chris Hasselby, of Keighley BC, has now been deservedly elevated to the presidency of the British Crown Green Bowling Association. Meanwhile, Roy Sanderson, of Oakworth, has become the deputy president of Yorkshire.

In winter bowling action, David Scott has reached the final of the Champion of Champions event at the Griffin Hotel in Huddersfield after winning a weekly 16, while Oxenhope have won the Halifax Floodlit League Four-Man event, with the side comprising Derek Pollard, David Hems-ley, Tony Harris and Mick Skwarek, plus Len Buxton.

Skipton-based Craven BC are holding a Pre-Season ‘32’ on Sunday.

Draw: 9.30. G Evans v T Riley, S McDonald v S Longley, M Duke v M Cox, C Mordue v D Hemsley. 10.30. J Hamer v J Siockdale, D Seed v J Winterburn, M Fowler v K Brenkley, L Buxton Jr v B Cumberbach. 11.30. D Ashworth v K Winterburn, P Haworth v N Breadley, A Tate v M Swarbrik, G Perry v M Claxton. 12.30. K Burnett v J Mordue, A Harris v Len Buxton, B Turnbull v R Stockdale, M Hall v P Wellman.