Keighley riders have been playing a full part in the Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Association Summer Series.

Cononley's Ian Taylor (Jedi Cycle Sport) has come second at Newsome High School, Otley's Wharfe Meadows and Colne Valley High School, and third at Yeadon's Nunroyd Park.

Among the riders rounding out the top ten this season were Keighley's Alfie Moses (seventh at Newsome, fourth at Wharfe Meadows and Nunroyd Park and ninth at Colne Valley High School) and Haworth's Andy Peace (tenth at Newsome, fifth at Wharfe Meadows, third at Colne Valley and seventh at Yeadon).

Other interlopers in the top ten have included Oxenhope's Matt Denby (tenth at Wharfe Meadows, ninth at Yeadon).

and Bradley's Ed McParland (eighth at Colne Valley).

East Bradford Cycling Club's Euan Cameron has dominated the under-14 races.

Having missed the first round, he has won rounds two, three and four to back up his national title and National Trophy series from last winter.

Jenson Young (Pedalsport) - son of Mike and nephew of Chris - has been keeping Euan company, coming second at Newsome High and third at Wharfe Meadows, Colne Valley High and Nunroyd Park.

The summer league is certainly a growth sport, with 248 (156 seniors, 92 juniors) finishing round one in April at Newsome, Huddersfield.

Since then, the statistics have been 218 (158, 60) finishers in round two at Wharfe Meadows, 160 (110, 50) in round three at Colne Valley and 225 at Yeadon (158, 67) for round four.

"I think we will get over 200 seniors (over-14s) starting a round before the series ends," says organiser Fred Rothwell.

"We have already had 173 at Yeadon, and that is before the Tour de France arrives in this area, after which everybody will fancy throwing their legs over a bike."

And don't be fooled either into thinking that it is any less serious than the winter version.

Just look at the finish of the senior race between Jack Clarkson and Nick Barnes at Yeadon for proof.

"They had a tussle down the finishing straight involving elbows and arms, and the air was blue," added Rothwell.

"Someone complained about the bad language and said I should use my power as commissionaire to do something about it but I believe they both apologised for it afterwards on social media."

Hope Factory rider Clarkson from Halifax won by a second from Zepnat RT ace Barnes, who won round one, with Clarkson third, the positions being reversed in round two.