REBEKAH Tiler isn't putting herself under too much pressure as she counts down the days to her event in the Commonwealth Games.

"Any medal will do – I am only young yet," said the 15-year-old weightlifter from Denholme.

"There are only two lifters ahead of me in the women's 69kg category rankings, so any colour medal will be fine."

The Bingley Grammar School student, who arrived in the Games Village in Glasgow as long ago as last Thursday, is certainly going well in training.

She said: "I did a 97kg snatch on Tuesday and a 120kg clean and jerk, which was more than I was hoping for, and I reckon on Monday when I compete for real I can do a 100kg snatch and a 125kg clean and jerk.

"But there are 23 competitors in my category and the Nigerians are looking strong and so are the Canadians."

The teenage phenomenon is certainly getting positive feedback from her coaches, with Rebekah adding: "I feel strong, and my club coach Eddie Halstead says I am looking strong, and the other GB coaches Mike (head coach Pearman), Keith (Morgan) and Maggie (team manager Lynes) say I am looking really strong."

Halstead, who trains Rebekah at Mytholmroyd, has had to field calls from people disbelieving the weights that Rebekah is lifting, which the youngster finds amusing, but perhaps the biggest thing she has had to cope with since temporarily moving to Scotland is the sheer scale of the Games village.

She said: "It is about a mile from my room to the eating area, although you can catch buses!

"The whole atmosphere has been very welcoming and it has all been very nice but it is very big and there is a lot to take in.

"In my room, there are tables and chairs and a big bed with Commonwealth Games logos on the bedding.

"There are two houses with weightlifters where I am, with the England squad on one side and the South Africans on the other, although both of us also have one judo competitor as well."

Rebekah's category is split into two groups, with Group B starting at 12.30pm and Group A at 3.30pm.

She added: "There is no qualification. It is just on the day, with three snatches and three clean and jerks, and the idea is to land an initial weight and then build it up from there."