GLUSBURN builder Nathan Wrigglesworth added his name to the illustrious winners of the Ilkley Grand National Trial on Saturday in conditions that tested the 53 starters and 20 observer teams.

The competitors hardly noticed the gale force winds and occasional rain showers that battered the observers, many of whom were in exposed positions without any shelter.

After weeks of rain the ten-mile course was soft and after one lap most riders were coated head to foot in mud.

Their machines also carried a fair amount of the moors which added weight in the wrong places.

This long-establish battle with heather, streams, and deep drainage ditches is a timed event where the average of the fastest ten riders establishes a penalty time of a mark for every minute over that set time.

That formula applies to the three-lap expert course and the two-lap clubman course.

Wrigglesworth started number four 30 seconds behind Danny Gamble.

"I tracked Danny as he had good pace but he could have gone faster and maybe set the fastest time," added Wrigglesworth before heading out on the fourth lap to ensure the observers were allowed to stand down.

Predictably James Lampkin put the hammer down on speed and ended the day a mere single penalty away from victory but both were eclipsed by Over 40s contender Billy Craig who rocketed round to set the fastest expert time.

The course started with Wards then Quarry followed by the flight down Beamsley Beacon to the traditional rock climb which turned slippery as the grass gave way to a muddy surface.

The section stopped Danny Cockshott, John Lydamore and five times TT winner Ian Hutchinson on lap one.

Wrigglesworth took a mark but Anthony Ayrton, Craig, Andrew Tales and Joe Jennings legged it.

Wrigglesworth dropped 16 marks from How Gill to Post Office while the deep water at 15 and 17 was mild but the climb up the mud bank at the first Kex was a stopper for all but the top riders.

Only Joe Bradley and Anthony Ayrton escaped time faults on the final two sections.

Three Laps winner & best over 40 years: Nathan Wrigglesworth (Sherco) Time 0 + 31 observation =31 (Ilkley Trophy).

Experts: 1 James Lampkin (Beta) 0 + 32 = 32 (Scott Trophy), 2 Danny Gamble (Sherco) 2 + 83 = 85, 3 Joe Jennings (Gas Gas) 87 + 1 =88.

Inters: 1 Danny Cockshott (Sherco) 5 + 80 + 85, 2 Anthony Ayrton Montesa) 0 + 86 + 86.

Novices: 1 Joe Bradley (Gas Gas) 0 + 107 +107, 2 Andrew Tales (Beta) 20 + 116 + 136, 3 Andrew Harker (Beta) 14 + 128 +142.

Best First timer: Ben Ludgate (Gas Gas) 38 + 92 =130 (Clayton Trophy).

Best Over 40 years: John Lydamore (Beta) 14 +137 + 151.

Best Bradford DMC or West Leeds MC novice: Andrew Tales. (Geoff Broadbent Trophy).

Best Club Team - Yeadon-Guiseley MC: Danny Cockshott, James Lampkin & Joe Jennings total 205.

Fastest Time: Billy Craig (Honda) 2hrs 03 mins 05 seconds.

Standard Time (Average of fastest ten finishers) 2hr 06min 05sec.

Clubman course - two laps: 1 Ian Myers (Sherco) 0 +89 = 89, 2 Joel Holdsworth (Beta) 0 +92 =92, 3 Dave Lamin (Montesa) 9 +89 + 98.

Best First Timer: Beth Dunning (Beta) 21 +105 =126.

Best Over 40: Jonathan Baker (Sherco) 16 +94 = 110.

Best Over 50: Michael Ward (Beta) 3 +124 +127.

The rain and strong wind did not deter the 44 riders who took to the exposed slopes of Addingham Moorside where the Yeadon-Guiseley club ran their third club championship trial.

Despite the physical torment of the Grand National the previous day several of the front runners had washed acres of mud off their bikes, tuned up their machine, and found dry riding clothing to resume battle with the elements on Sunday morning.

New novice class contender Keiran Child was in conflict with Dan Hemingway but a failure on section five on lap one prevented him beating the experienced East Keswick rider.

As Dan dominated the hard course his eldest son Harry, just 11-years-old, managed to run rings round all the Class A clubman competitors.

he Chris Carter national trial is coming up on April 9 in the sheltered Dob Park Estate and the organisers are seeking observers for the event.

Wendy Yeadon on 01937 541042 is the contact.