CLUBS from Haworth, Keighley, Bingley, Bradford, Long Lee and Skipton took part in Bismillah's annual inter-club karate competition.

It was a great day with the following competitors winning trophies.

Kata under 8 years: Gold, Anniyah Zaman (Keighley), Silver, Saif Vaheed (Bingley), Bronze, Jackson Homes (Long Lee).

Kata 9-12 years: Gold, Kamran Hussain (Skipton), Silver, Eshaan Vaheed (Keighley), Bronze, Gabby Sharp (Haworth).

Kata over 13 years: Gold, Rory Gallagher (Haworth), Silver, Tony Senior (Haworth), Bronze, Harry O'Neill (Haworth).

Fighting 9 years and under: Gold, Kaif Hussain (Long Lee), Silver, Jackson Homes (Long Lee), Bronze, Kais Imran (Keighley).

10-13 years: Gold, Adam Ilyas (Haworth), Silver, William Mulcock (Long Lee), Bronze, Hamza Latif (Keighley).

13 years and over: Gold, Isaac Ilyas (Haworth), Silver, Sajid Khan (Keighley), Bronze, Rory Gallagher (Haworth).

Stretching: Gold, Holly Gill (Long Lee), Silver, Gabby Sharp (Haworth), Bronze, Anniyah Zaman (Keighley).

Best competitor: Sajid Khan.

Anyone wanting details of clubs can contact Mo Ilyas on 07986372566.