There are "worrying" signs that racism is creeping back into football, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

He warned that footballers are role models to young people, who copy what they see at matches when they learn to play the game themselves.

The national game had proved in the past very effective at stamping out racism, he told MPs, adding that the UK had proved far better at tackling racism than other countries.

Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons, Mr Cameron said: "It was a huge achievement where Britain and its football authorities and football clubs actually led the world in kicking racism out of football, something that hasn't happened in all other countries.

"It is worrying some of the recent signs we have seen.

"Why I think this matters, not just to football, but also to Government and everyone in our country, is because football and footballers are role models to young people.

"What people see on the football pitch, they copy when they go to learn to play football themselves.

"I think it is important to bring people together and make sure we kick racism out of football for good."