A NEW Keighley record shop has got into its groove within weeks of opening.

Gareth Beck has been left spinning by the success of Grind and Groove since he began selling vinyl discs from his little shop in Cavendish Street.

Gareth, a former Australian policeman, also sells what it claims is the “best coffee in the world” to both passers-by and people browsing for records.

Lifelong music fan Gareth decided to specialise in only vinyl rather than CDs after amassing his own collection of thousands of the discs over the past few years.

Gareth’s Cowling-born wife Kerry said business had started well and remained steady, with an online following building up on Facebook and Instagram.

She said: “It's really nice to see all ages and genders coming into the shop, from 16-year-olds buying Bob Marley to 80-year-old ladies looking for presents for their grandchildren.

“Collectors come in to find the elusive records they've been searching for while other people are looking to replace the collections that they sold on or donated to charity shops when they were younger.

“We have regular customers already who pop in daily to see what we have, and of course we source old and new vinyl for our customers.”

Grind and Groove is also stocking posters, collectables and vintage t-shirts, and even record players.

Kerry added: “People bring in their records and other music related items for us to buy or trade in.”

Grind and Groove is working closely with the Discover Keighley scheme, including its promotion encouraging people to use independent Keighley retailers on the run-up to Christmas by offering entry in a free draw.

Father-of-two Gareth, from Cullingworth, opened the shop on November 1 in the hope of attracting music lovers from across the whole of West Yorkshire.

Customers are able to sit on the window seat and drink coffee, freshly ground by Gareth, as they listen to classic songs in all their analogue glory.

They can able snap-up a wide range of discs, from rare 1960s Marvin Gaye seven-inch tracks and thrash-metal long-players to the most up-to-the-minute chart hits.

Gareth, 50, who was born in Otley but grew up in Australia, said vinyl had survived the CD era and was making a comeback among young music fans, as well as veteran collectors.

He added: “I’ve always very much been into vinyl records and live music.

“I have a cellar-full of records I’ve collected over two decades. I have hundreds of thrash metal albums simply because I like the covers. For the past 20 years, it’s been a good time to buy vinyl, and now it’s a good time to sell. Everything from 60s and 70s rarities through to new releases.”