I AM in support of others who have recognised that, having demolished the former college building, Bradford Council has created a new green open space that could be enhanced to create a ‘city park’ that could bring advantage to Keighley town centre.

I read with interest the letter from Graham Mitchell with regards to creating a green space/park area on the site of the now demolished Keighley College building in North Street.

This is a very imaginative idea which will only benefit Keighley and its residents.

It is noticeable when visiting other towns and cities that they are creating these green spaces in the centre (indeed our “masters” in Bradford have done this with their City Park adjacent to City Hall). An imaginative laid out park with trees and seating areas would be a real asset to the town complementing the cenotaph across the road from this area.

It has been commented on many occasions how the trees around the cenotaph are an attraction when in bloom – the flowerbeds there are also stunning and indeed these have won numerous awards.

The welcome news too that Wetherspoons have now received planning approval to renovate the frontage of the previous Club 101 building back to its Victorian splendour and create a beer garden there is another plus for the area, Keighley now has the opportunity to create its own city park in the area.

In truth we don’t need another hub constructing on this site – there are buildings in Keighley lying empty and requiring renovation. What’s wrong with renovating the surviving Keighley College building instead of demolishing it for the “hub”?

If Bradford Council has any funding available for Keighley then it would be far more beneficial renovating these existing buildings.

There is the opportunity now to create something worthwhile for the residents and visitors to our town.

DAVID ARCHER North Dean Avenue, Keighley