BANDAG-Keighley supports all proposals to take advantage of the green space left as a result of the unfortunate demolition of the once-listed old Keighley College building in North Street.

The already well-argued case for the creation of a green ‘town central park’ is that it could provide leafy cover and improve the quality of air in one of the most congested parts of Keighley; it would also make the town much more attractive to residents, visitors and passing traffic.

BANDAG-Keighley asks, if Bradford Council can find £3.4m for the proposed Keighley hub, why can’t that money be ring-fenced for Keighley and be used for a central park and on the renovation of the town’s publicly-owned buildings (and heritage) so that those buildings can both make the area more attractive and house all services, as has also been suggested?

The ‘Bradford City Park’ that has cost over £23 million has ongoing and repeatedly been deigned a massive hit since opening in 2012. In recognition of that, why can’t the decision-makers also recognise the value of letting Keighley have its town centre park too?

BANDAG-Keighley supports the proposals for a greener Keighley!

JUNE FORSYTH Chairman, BANDAG-Keighley