IN a previous existence, Brian Morris and I frequently clashed across the council chamber, but I must compliment him for bringing into the public domain some significant points against the ‘Keighley Hub’ which Bradford Council proposes to construct on the existing ‘green space’ in the town centre – Green space bid is gaining momentum (Keighley News, February 1).

I hope that your readers have duly noted the very significant last sentence of the report, namely “council leaders said this new building would mean at least 15 nearby public sector properties could be vacated and sold off for redevelopment”. Really? Which ones, and does this include the 117-year old Keighley Town Hall with its historic council chamber and the first Andrew Carnegie-funded public library in the UK?

I would hope that residents right across Keighley will now be asking their district ward councillors which public buildings are under threat and will a wholesale property sell-off really help to regenerate Keighley’s town centre? We should be told.