IN response to Councillor Peter Corkindale’s letter – M&S hammer home final nail in the coffin (Keighley News, February 8) – I believe he is mixing-up a local Government funding issue with a commercial decision by Marks & Spencer.

Very true, Keighley has had a poor deal since it lost its own individual council, but surely M&S would not close down a profitable store despite his assertion that “there is always a queue at the tills”.

The people of Keighley need to use it or lose it, as in the current climate you cannot reasonably expect a company like M&S to keep open a store that is losing money.

The fundamental issue here is that Keighley has become a poor second cousin to Bradford and it is appalling that we have no police station in the town centre or magistrates court, but this has nothing to do with M&S closing its store.

MRS DALE WILSON Moor Drive Oakworth