I AM writing this letter in the hope that Bradford Council will give answers to the concerns raised by Cllr Brian Morris – Green space bid is gaining momentum (Keighley News, February 1).

Various people are asking through the “proper channels” but going by past experience, they will be fobbed off with phrases like “commercial confidentiality”.

* Which are the 15 public buildings that will be sold off?

* How many of these are the grand buildings that add to Keighley’s Victorian streetscape and are part of the cultural infrastructure/heritage of the town?

* What guarantees can Bradford give on the protection of any such buildings’ facades?

* Are any of the buildings to be sold ones that are intrinsically part of Keighley’s identity?

As Keighley’s economy finally seems to be beginning to benefit from tourist income and millions have been spent in the last few years on restoring original shop fronts etc, will all these improvements – and money spent – be wasted by un-joined-up thinking?

If the previous ‘green box’ is replaced with another £19m new ‘green box’ of design equally unsympathetic to the surrounding buildings, as the artists’ impression previously published, just how will this help regenerate the town centre?

The difficulty with this site has always been the parking aspect. The council theory has been that the closeness to the bus station would make the bus the main form of transport. Anyone that knows the area knows that practically this does not always work, so the question remains, where will the parking be?

There is also the question of what effect the extra traffic will have on the generally gridlocked traffic flow. Will a major building here totally negate any benefit that may be gained from the current road improvements?

Keighley needs and deserves answers to these questions, before any decision is made for this prominent site.

JOYCE NEWTON Chairman, Keighley & District Local History Society