I AM delighted that Councillor Brian Morris is supporting the movement to create an open area on the former college sites in North Street and Cavendish Street – Green space bid is gaining momentum (Keighley News, February 1).

I wish a few other councillors would put their heads above the parapet and convince their superiors in Bradford that this is a serious proposal.

I have been astounded by the number of people who have approached me and voiced their support for this idea.

When the other part of the former college is demolished it will open up Henry Street, which has been well maintained and would provide a good border to this new area.

By closing Lord Street to through traffic, a grand park or piazza can be created – similar to the one outside Bradford City Hall which enhances the city centre.

The rear section of the site bordering Alice Street could then be available for redevelopment and linked to Central Hall.

Like Mr G Mitchell, I am concerned which 15 public buildings are planned for closure to enable this new centre, surely this will just leave a trail of dereliction around town?

The secrecy with which the council is operating is cause for concern.