IN reply to David Petyt’s letter of January 18 – Green appeal gains momentum – and the story regarding Councillor Brian Morris’ comments – Green space bid is gaining momentum (Keighley News, February 1) – Graham Mitchell wrote earlier on the same topic, and I would like to say I fully support their vision of a green space on the site of the old Keighley College.

A new park area for the centre of Keighley would be excellent.

Bradford Council is in a wonderful position to regenerate Keighley, not only with new buildings, roads and business support, but to be able to seize this unusual opportunity of creating a new green space.

The original purpose of the college was to enhance the lives of the people of Keighley, and to use it as a green space would continue this in a new creative way. This would send a clear message that Keighley is being regenerated and has an optimistic future.

MARK CURTIS Keighley town councillor (Oakworth)