IN the Keighley News of February 1, regarding the proposed hub, Cllr Ross-Shaw said “at least 15 nearby public-sector properties could be vacated and sold off for redevelopment”.

His statement set off alarm bells and I was contacted before the ink had time to dry on the paper by residents asking what buildings Cllr Ross-Shaw was referring to.

After making enquiries with Cllr Ross-Shaw and asking for details of the buildings under threat, his reply was as follows: “In terms of naming any buildings that could potentially be vacated I’m sure you will understand that for reasons of commercial confidentiality I cannot name buildings that are not under council ownership.”

However, he can if he wishes name buildings that are under council control and occupied by council staff, so why won’t he name those buildings? What is he hiding? Are we going to lose the library or town hall or both, why all the secrecy?

This is a perfect example of Bradford’s asset-stripping department looking to sell-off more of our heritage. The treatment of Keighley residents by Bradford is inexcusable.

What could be confidential about council-owned properties that could be sold off? These buildings belong to the ratepayers of the town, not Bradford Council. The council has no right to hive off whatever it wants to pay for vanity projects that we don’t want.


* Cllr Ross-Shaw responds: “Cllr Morris should pay more attention to what is happening in Keighley. He’s not quoting me, he’s quoting old papers from years ago and we’ve publicly stated a number of times that Keighley Library is not closing.

“What we’re doing is looking at a quality office development in the heart of Keighley, which will support the wider economy of the town centre.

“I’m not sure why Cllr Morris is so opposed to moving jobs into the centre of Keighley but I know from conversations with businesses in Keighley they’re keen to see this move forward and that’s what we’re working hard to do.”